Welcome! This blog is a sort of off-shoot, a branch of sorts, pertaining to some of the issues confronted by the We Are You Project (weareyouproject.org) artists and movement regarding immigrant issues (specifically Latino) as well as the alien “problem”, “invasion” and socio-political-cultural-economic “hot-button” dilemmas of our century. The purpose of this blog is to create and build a sort of Wittgensteinian language-game through your participation where you extend the below prose-poem, A Nationwide INVASION of Art History, whose theme is about aliens through the “lens” and re-invention of art-history.

The literary direction for this “language-game” was initiated through a collaboration between poet-artists-arts educators Dr. José Rodeiro and Gabriel Navar.  Dr. Rodeiro and Navar began by writing a brief stream-of-consciousness, poetic, prose-style narrative regarding the alien “invasion” (and the possible repercussions thereof).

For further information about Dr. José Rodeiro: http://www.weareyouproject.org/rodeiro.html & http://www.rodeiro-art.com/

For further information about Gabriel Navar: http://www.weareyouproject.org/navar.html & http://gabrielnavar.com



Below is a unique Wittgensteinian LANGUAGE GAME, which requires your playful and insightful participation.

Please, feel free to play the LANGUAGE GAME by simply extending the below prose-poem; each new (added) ENTRY should represent “about/between” 50 to 100 word increments (or feel free to submit more words, if you wish) in order to expand the “evolving” prose-poem into a dramatic novelette between now and May, 5, 2018.  Thus, this game has a 6 (six) year window.   The significance of the 6 (six) year window is that this time-frame coincides with the duration of the We Are You International Project and Exhibition which had its Inauguration in New York City (March 18 – May 5, 2012) and will travel throughout the United States, Europe and Latin America for 6 years. Players may re-enter the game any time, adding or providing additional text

Additional information about the We Are You International Traveling Project may be obtained by visiting:

http://www.weareyouproject.org/6201.html   &  http://gabrielnavar.com/we_are_you.htm

IMPORTANT:  Before making your contribution to the game,

1).  Read the initial paragraphs’ introductory passages, which “prose-poetically” describe a full-scale (full-blown) alien invasion.

2).  Perhaps, along with the first entry, (which was collaboratively co-written by Gabriel Navar and Dr. José Rodeiro) look over as many preceding entries  (after the first) to see where and how the narrative is going, evolving, or progressing.

3).  In the initial entry, be aware of the distinctive poetic-parts of the prose-poem; pay attention to its clever  layering of art historical references on top of a dramatic and epic account of an extraterrestrial incursion that is dramatically occurring throughout the USA’s western states.

4).  The basic literary direction was jointly established by two poet-artists: © Gabriel Navar & © Dr. José Rodeiro; additionally, brilliant Webmaster © Andrew S. Blake developed the technological delivery-system that permits  YOUR participation in this unique Wittgensteinian  LANGUAGE GAME.

5).  Thus, the evolving story, descriptions, poetry, and/or prose (provided by players as entries of “about/between” 50 to 100 word increments – or feel free to submit more words, if you wish) belong (“is the “creative” property of”) to the initial creators of this Ludwig Wittgenstein LANGUAGE GAME that was devised and given an initial and preliminary story-line.  The initial concept resulted from the collaboration of the two “creators,” who are:

© Gabriel Navar and  © Dr. José Rodeiro.  Additionally, © Andrew S. Blake created and designed the on-line platform by which players may participate in the evolving LANGUAGE GAME. “These three title-holders are the ultimate proprietors of this Wittgenstein LANGUAGE GAME ((Warholian literary experiment)), which you (by playing the game) are contributing “to/within/or/there-in.”

A Nationwide INVASION of Art History

There was, once again, for the fourth time this month, a fluorescent streak across the heavens… an obnoxious blinking of the heavens, along with clashing, jarring mixtures of hot pinks and orange… those carnival colors one finds in cotton-candy treats. Those sickening colors meant one thing… that they were coming down again all over the place.   It appears that those expensive, massive electric fences can not keep them out and away.  At first light, one landed in my backyard in Oakland.

I took a swing (several of us did)… no, a whack at it — (hoping to zap it where it stood) — with my funky stickball bat.  I ran inside, put on some of those reporting and often distorting TV channels to catch what Fox News or CNN state about the abnormally mad, weirdo-invasion!!!     CNN was broadcasting

from/along the Sonora Desert.    Above, in the early rosy-tinged dawn, they were maneuvering in their eerie fat flying saucers like chunky sonar-driven bats.   All I could fathom was my fear of a take-over…of our ways of life, our jobs, our nation, our world! a full-blown planetary invasion… heaven help us!!!

Where is Michelangelo and his Last Judgment Christ—NOW! — when we need him…? Charon… take away these doomed illegal souls with you on that watery journey.  Where are Goya and his Caprichos?  We need his help, especially now that our fleshy backs are against the wall!!! This feels like the Disasters of (impending) War and we could have his Saturn/Chronos devour these Aliens!

Suddenly, a bunch of generous and brave brown-skinned people came out to fight them;

but giant pointless walls and fences blocked their advance.    Luckily a blond, a spunky sexy

girl in a business pantsuit snuck the entire helpful crowd closer to two of them, who were

confidently already on the ground.    I never felt so scared, as I watched in Oakland my

TV on CNN with its constant news showing the horrors occurring in Arizona, in Alabama, Oklahoma.  What idiot put an expensive, ineffective fence-up??    They were landing in Texas and in San Diego. Those fences prevented the heroic, hard-working brown-people from confronting these monsters.  Those creatures, those foreign intruders… their phosphorescent-odor stung my nostrils.

Oh my sweet God, I hate these awful trespassers; these arrogant, imperialistic, and prying extraterrestrials who apparently desire our land…extra-land, extra-tierra, and sadly, extra everything… resources, our quality of lives, our very beings!    Where are the Tres Grandes when we need them to come down from their scaffolding, tirelessly painting miles of walls with Revolutionary spirit and the consciousness of rights for all people?   Where is Frida?, tell her that we sincerely need her soldadera spirit, her bomb tied around the passionate dove of creativity… we sincerely need their help; especially now that our fleshy backs are against the frayed metallic awkward fence-walls!!!

As evening falls, the sky is at once deep purple dissolving into black…. I turn the corner, walk past the local liquor store, graffiti-covered and smeared; approaching, with dark eyes the color of a black bull, is Picasso…. He is ready for war as he strides with his piercing gaze, his instrument of war, and approaches, with a funky stickball bat, an invader, dangling from a tree like a piñata of festive times, cotton-candy days gone by… I walk cautiously reaching for the iPhone in my coat’s pocket… this, I thought (again), needs to be filmed and posted onto You-Tube TM immediately…. This is precisely what I did…. Come to think of it, an app to zap these aliens is urgently needed….. I ran to my computer and started creating one….

–          Dr. José Rodeiro and Gabriel Navar


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